Children Aboard Rainbow Express Corp.

Where Learning Begins

Circle time: As a group we read stories, discuss: calendar, weather, themes, letters, numbers and play group games. Circle time is a great place for the children to express their feelings and ideas. A fun way to practice taking turns communicating and listening to one another.

Sensory table: Children learn best when they can actually touch, see, smell and hear materials. A large variety of materials are used in our sensory table. Sand, water, rice, beans, pasta, play dough, clay, snow and much more.    

Science: Introduces a wide variety of concepts, ideas, patience and answer some why and how questions. Teaching the children how to find answers with confidence . 

Math: Children develop an understanding of whole numbers and recognize the number of objects in small groups by counting. Identify and name basic shapes, and learn to classify, sort and match items. 

Blocks: Socially, block play contributes to developing self confidence, pride, feel a sense of accomplishment. In addition to coordination and organizing skills.   

Dramatic play : Helps children explore different roles and situations. Role play helps the children learn about their community, environment, surroundings and different careers.  

Writing:: Expresses ideas and stories through pictures they draw.  Copy lines, circles and symbols with crayons markers, and pencils. Shows an understanding of how writing and drawing help us communicate and function in everyday life. 

Art: Opens the opportunity to learn important art concepts, creativity, as well as practice decision making, learn cause and effect, identify colors and shapes, refines hand-eye coordination, express feelings and experience pride and much more.