Children Aboard Rainbow Express

Where Learning Begins

Children Aboard Rainbow Express is dedicated to creating a warm, loving, educational environment. At C.A.R.E. every child is given the tools and the experiences they need to reach their fullest individual growth. 

The program features age appropriate learning experiences. One-on-one time with a Lead Teacher to insure individual growth. As well as, a variety of small group activities, to promote creativity, problem solving and social skills. 


705 Hale St.

Beverly Farms 01915

(978) 927-4918 


Our teachers are well educated and have more than 25 years of experience with a diversity of children. Our goal as educators is to be good role models and teach the children kindness, appreciation, patience and how to treat others.

For ages:

15 months to Kindergarten.

Summer Program:

15 months

to age 8

Children Aboard Rainbow Express provides a fun, exciting place for children to play, learn and start identify and understand emotions. Throughout each day the children will be encouraged to explore, create, learn and use their imagination.

The first school children attend is the foundation for the years to come.